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From an early age, young children are exposed to counting


  • in circle time in kindergarten - the children present are counted
  • birthdays when handing out candies or surprises
  • When preparing a family meal, counting the number of potatoes and chicken drumsticks that are put onto the baking pan

And every time you brush your teeth, you can count the number of brushes on each teeth (dentists recommend counting to 8)


From an early age, children are exposed to digits everywhere on the street, in the store, in the elevator, and at the building's door.

In "Zoe's Book of Numbers" children learn in an experiential and fun way it makes it easier for the child to understand the number and its Meaning.

The child is introduced to each number with an interesting and apt illustration. The accompanying text gives an overview of how many objects and

people are using this number. For example, one person, one star, 10 fingers, 10 balloons, 10 flowers, etc.

Zoe's book of numbers

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