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Learn About The World


Hello Kids, welcome to the Learn About The World corner!

Have you ever visited a different country or city before? If you have, you can share your story here with the rest of the club. Tell us about the places you visited and your experience there. If you haven't visited a different place yet, you can still learn about the different places of the world in this section.

Also, you can tell us about yourself, your hobbies, your school or anything! Take a look at the form below:


Thanks for submitting!
We're excited to get to know you!


Meet New Friends

Here are stories from kids like you in different parts of the world. 


My name is Adar,

I am a kid who loves to read.

I'm a kid with a kippa (like a hat) on my head.

I live in Israel and I'm a religious Jew.

I play games, go to school, walk in nature, and visit the synagogue every Saturday. 

I believe that,

"We are all kids, the same kids all over the world!"




I'm Ahmad from Pakistan.

I love to sing and dance and really want to meet friends from different places in the world.

I want to learn and know more about the cultures and customs that exist on our planet - the home of us all.

Just remember,

"We are all kids, the same kids all over the world!"


Hello everyone,

I invite you to visit in Zanzibar.

Our planet is very interesting, many nations, many cultures, many languages. 

I am curious to get know you and all in our world.

I know that,

"We are all kids, the same kids all over the world!"

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