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Hello dear children and parents,

My name is Sarit Peleg, a mother, grandmother, and from now your friend. I write books and songs for children, and I believe that "we are all kids" at every age – ten, twenty, and even a hundred and eighty.

Zoe's Zone

Zoe Series for Toddlers

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In these books, the little toddlers will continue to learn various subjects, some that also appear in the series of books for infants and some other new subjects. Zoe conveys her knowledge, hobbies, and experiences in a special and fascinating way for toddlers and adults alike.

My First Library for Infants

A series of books in which varied subjects will be learned, such as: colors, family, home, fruits, vegetables, and first words, in a way that is simple and pleasing to the eye.

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Kids of the World, Earth, and Cloud

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A series of books for bigger children, who learn how to read and read for their parents, all around the world. In this book series, we will learn to know each other and understand that the earth is everyone's home – one home for all of us

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